Portrait Bench at Reculver
Oct 2, 2012 at 23:00
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In spring 2013, a Portrait Bench will be installed along the clifftop between Reculver and Bishopstone - and Canterbury City Council need your help to decide who it will feature!

A Portrait Bench is a collection of three distinctive, lifesize local figures cut from sheet steel and installed alongside a simple bench, inviting people to join the group and become part of the 'portrait'. Here's an example of one from elsewhere in the country:

The figures are inspired and chosen for their individual contribution to the life of the community and reflect the local heritage, culture and aspirations of the area. Their features are simplified but retain their essential characteristics.

Funding for the Portrait Bench is coming from the national sustainable charity Sustrans. The city council is organising the project locally and paying for it to be installed.

The Reculver Portrait Bench

The bench at Reculver is being provided as part of the Oyster Bay Trail cycle route. The section of the route between Reculver and Swalecliffe opened last year and the council is in the process of finalising plans to extend it between Swalecliffe and Whitstable.

So, which characters do you think best reflect the local area? A pilot perhaps? An oyster fisherman? Maybe a hockey player?

The city council has come up with a shortlist of seven figures who could take pride of place on the clifftop bench. Now it's down to local people to decide on their top three, and those with the most votes will be created.

The seven characters are:

Vote now!

Voting on which characters you would like to see make up Reculver's Portrait Bench is now open and runs until Wednesday 31 October.

Cast your vote now!

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