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125 decibels is OK, they say

Explosions that rocked homes around the district did not exceed noise levels, according to military bosses. Despite dozens of complaints from families across the east Kent coast and inland as far as Sturry on Wednesday and Thursday, managers at the Shoeburyness military testing range said the work was within the limits they set themselves.

Claire Scotter, spokesman for QinetiQ, the company that runs the Essex range, said: "We try really hard to limit noise, whilst enabling the MOD to conduct the trials and training that it requires.

"The site is in operation all year round and days when activity may be perceived off site are relatively few."

The base is used to train students with the Army School of Ammunition who will later be sent to war zones to help diffuse roadside bombs and other devices. Managers set the noise limit at 125 decibels, although the limit by law is 140 decibels, and check wind speed and other atmospheric conditions before going ahead with trials.

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