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Anti-Tesco march at Herne on Sunday

More than 1,000 campaigners are expected to swamp the tiny village of Herne on Sunday and march through its streets in protest against Tesco’s plans to open a store in a former pub. The demonstration plans were revealed after villagers gained police permission to stage the march.

Villagers should meet at the Cherry Orchard at 11am. The march starts at 11.30am and will go through the village to Curtis Wood Park.

Frank Holden, who is helping spearhead the campaign against a Tesco Express in the former Upper Red Lion pub, said:

"Tesco will be keeping an eye on our activities. We want the company to be sure that a supermarket is not wanted in our village. The more resistance it encounters the more difficult it will become. A high number of objectors indicates fewer people willing to shop at the store. That will call its viability and ability to make a profit into question."

The supermarket chain sparked outrage when it armounced it wanted to convert the pub next to the Grade 1 listed church into an Express store and create 20 jobs.

The Tescopoly Alliance was launched in June 2005 to highlight and challenge the negative impacts of Tesco's behaviour along its supply chains both in the UK and internationally, on small businesses, on communities and the environment. The campaign also advocates national and international legislation needed to curb the market power of all the major British supermarkets.

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Reader Comments (2)

what a load if stupid people , this post office charges /overcharges shall i say , employs no one
tesco will employe loads of locals which will be herne s local tesco . did you notice a lot of old people
got of there back sides to protest , but then hardly any ever go in the shop . oh yes and stick disabled stickers in
there car to park and walk to morrisons , the people of herne are a joke its not tesco s its the traffic ,
Thu, March 8, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermnmnmnmnn
herne . change your sign to
every little moan . your kids need jobs too, how many people do you employe now not many i bet,
if you supported your pub it would not of closed , if you shopped in your shop the owner would not worry ,
if you all chipped in you could all made use of that empty place before tesco got there , should you all
have cared earlier ,,,,,,,,,,,
Thu, March 8, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermnmnmnmnn

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