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Beacon Hill

The Problem:

The new road markings at the western end of Beacon Hill have created a potential accident blackspot. Cars can now park on the north side of Beacon Hill from the point where the "pavement" (path) peters out - this is the beginning of the (unenforceable?) 20 minute restricted waiting zone for people visiting the Barnes Wallis statue.

Unfortunately this has unintended consequences. Drivers coming from Herne Bay and turning right to go (uphill) into Canterbury Road have their view of the traffic coming down Beacon Hill blocked by any cars parked by the statue. If they are turning left into Beacon Hill, they then have to swing out to avoid any parked cars on the corner by the statue. The result is that drivers coming down Beacon Hill are confronted with oncoming traffic suddenly appearing on the wrong side of the road!

A Solution:

This is easily remedied by extending the "No Parking" zone on this corner - perhaps as far as the footpath leading to the King's Hall - which would take no more than some paint and a sign.

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