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Cultural Trail

Behold the Herne Bay Cultural Trail!

The Herne Bay Cultural Trail is a step by step trip through the history of Herne Bay from the bronze-age through to the modern day. See the historical, famous faces and postcard from Herne Bay murals. The statue of Sir Barnes Wallis and thirteen other key attractions. The Cultural Trail is open throughout the year, 7 days a week.

As you can see from the map, the suggested route is rather convoluted, but I'm sure you can choose your own path. You can visit the Cultural Trail website for more details on each of the stopping-off points listed below the map.

1     Historical Mural           
2     Museum     
3     Ship Inn     
4     Barnes Wallis Statue     
5     The Kings Hall     
6     Attraction coming 2009/10     
7     A Postcard from Herne Bay mural     
8     Smugglers and Barges     
9     The Clock tower     
10     Bandstand Central Parade     
11     Victorian Fountain     
12     The Pier     
13     The Famous from HB Mural     
14     War Memorial     
15     Attraction coming 2009/10     
16     Brides in the Bath Murders     
17     In Memory of a Young Pilot     
18     Herne Bay Railway Station

Incidentally, the News section of the Cultural Trail website contains the following cryptic image...

click it to big it

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