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Minnis Day Center - KCC are the only ones who want it to close

KCC are riding roughshod over the needs and wishes of the very people they are suppose to serve. Having apparently discouraged referrals to the Minnis Day Centre, they then cite falling attendance as a reason for closure. They arrive at the community meeting to discuss the Centre's future with their minds made up. This is all very disappointing and, of course, not entirely surprising.

The good news is that all is not lost - this is far from being a done deal.

A campaign to save the Centre has been started by local residents, and users from across the Centre's catchment area, and people who just hate seeing the vulnerable and needy getting stitched up.

More details will be appearing on this site soon. If you want to be involved, or you just want to find out more, contact Barry Hardy: or 01843 845022

Fears that review may close lifeline service

Users of Birchington's day care centre fear a county council review of services could see their "lifeline" shut. Kent County Council has written to carers and clients of the Minnis Day Centre inviting views on "future provision".

Chris & Sue GodbySue and Chris Godby have been regulars at the centre since Mr Godby suffered a stroke in 2010. Mrs Godby said:

"We are extremely concerned about the reduction or removal of the excellent services provided at the Minnis Day Centre. Many people who use the centre are vulnerable and would find it difficult to make their voices heard and should not be denied access."

During her husband's recovery, Mrs Godby was unable to find him a full-time carer. The day centre allows her to continue teaching and remain financially independent. She said:

"Day centres at Victoria Villas and Bradstowe Court in Broadstairs are already close to capacity and concerns have been raised over whether Minnis Day Centre clients would find another day centre locally. There are no alternative facilities in Thanet that cater for Chris's needs. The closest location is Faversham, which is impractical. The Minnis Day Centre provides a vital lifeline for Chris and myself."

Kent County Council say that the Minnis Day Centre is part of an overall review of Older People's Services. A KCC spokesman said:

"The number of clients that use the Minnis centre has dropped from 91 in 2010 to 79 in 2011."

IoT Gazette 27th Jan 2012

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Reader Comments (2)

Why are we not surprised did same with Crispe House learning difficulties want the centre
Sun, February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnoynomous
As a Birchington resident over the age of 75 I am appalled to hear that KCC are proposing to close
Minnis Bay Day Centre. Fortunately I do not have to use these facilities at present, but realise that the day
is not far away, when I will want to or indeed will have to.

Such a large percentage of Birchington residents are retired and elderly and it does not make sense to
close such a facility. Why is it that it seems to be the policy of most County Council's that it is better to pull a building to the ground, than refurbish it?

WHY - to build more flats of course!!!!!! Much more money in the coffers, never mind us olduns!!!!!!!
Thu, April 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMrs. J Green

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