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No Post? Here's a number to call

Hats off to Kay McPherson for tracking down a phone number that seems to make a difference: she called it, then her post turned up. It might work for you.

Ring the number and report your problems

I agree with Dan Woollett. The postal service in Beltinge is just not happening at the moment. For the last two weeks I have used the Royal Mail customer services line to lodge a fail-to-deliver complaint. Then my post arrives two days later. Both times they claim no one else has had the same problem.

Please encourage your readers to phone 08457 740740 and report when post does not come as this new system is just not good service. If this trial area does not make its voice heard then the country will suffer in the future.

HB Gazette letters, 16th December 2010

Well, there you have it, dear readers - the future of the country is in our hands. It's your patriotic duty to complain, so now you know that you have the unimpeachable moral high ground, get cracking!

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