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Shiny cars, happy throng

Classic Car Show is a triumph. Again.

I'm a long way from being any kind of petrolhead, grease monkey or Clarkson fan, but I've got to say the Classic Car & Bike Show was fun. It's curious the feelings of puzzlement, wonder, affection or nostalgia that mere machinery can induce. There were some mighty fine machines on display, and the general feeling of bonhomie that results from having a lot of like-minded harmless nutters in one place.

There will be another Show in August, so if you missed this one, do try to catch the next. Hopefully, the organisers will manage to promote August's show more effectively. It would be so easy for CCC to produce some tempting promotional blurb - the range, numbers, ages of cars and bikes; a little street map to show where to find the Morris Minors, the MGs, the vintage bikes, etc.

Inexplicably (and unforgivably, to my mind) there was only the bare minimum of information available for this Show. It's one of the biggest draws for our town, consistently pulling in thousands of visitors. So next time, dear whoever it is in CCC, pull your finger out, don't be shy, get on your soapbox, get out your megaphone, AND SHOUT ABOUT IT!

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