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Storm brewing

Storm brewing for Pier Trust

A war of words has broken out between pier campaigner Kim Hennelly and county and city councillor Jean Law just days before Tuesday's Pier Trust annual meeting. In a series of e-mails between the two women, Cllr Law accused property investor Mrs Hennelly 49, who lives abroad most of the year, of "whingeing". But Mrs Hennelly replied: "I am not whingeing. How bizarre you think that." The row began in March when Mrs Hennelly demanded to know why the city council commissioned a new £10,000 report on the future of the pier despite a similar one being paid for by the county council in 2004:

"How can the council warrant a further report when the options for the pier have long been established? This appears to be nothing but stalling tactics. Weston-super-Mare pier burned down in 2008 but, thanks to the determination of local people and the support of their council, it has been rebuilt and is due to reopen in May. If Weston-super- Mare can do it, why can't we?"

Cllr Law wrote back:

"The earlier report was paid for by Kent County Council and arranged by my late husband John Law. I have spoken to the Pier Trust and it has wonderful ideas for the pier once the pavilion is removed."

But that did nothing to appease Mrs Hennelly:

"That's the point: The Pier Trust is allegedly dictated to by the council. Is the council stipulating that proposals are considered after the demolition of the pavilion? If the council had taken that stance with the Marlowe Theatre we would be looking at a pile of rubble for another five years."

Cllr Law replied:

"Please do not keep on Kim. The Pier Trust is there to do a job on behalf of the town. If you want to get involved with the Pier Trust, other than just being a member; then get yourself on the committee. What are you going to do - other than keep on whingeing?"

Mrs Hennelly who was banned from contacting city council staff last year after a series of e-mailed questions, is flying back to Herne Bay specially for the annual meeting in the Pier Cafe at 7pm.

HB Times 6th May 2010

Let's hope the mud-slinging doesn't escalate to mud-wrestling. Anyway, I'll be there early for a ringside seat.

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