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Kitewood Hillborough Extension: expert opinions

Those nice people at Protect Kent have given us the benefit of their wisdom...

Stand against the new homes

In a time of climate change and food security issues one has to wonder what kind of organisation would submit a proposal to build 700 houses on grade 2 agricultural land. Yet this is exactly what a developer is planning to do on a 77-hectare site at Hillborough, just outside Reculver.

The developer has had the site included in Canterbury Clty Council's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments and is now attempting to push it quietly into the district's Local Plan. Once included in the Local Plan, the chances are heavily in favour of planning permission being granted. There are many reasons to fight this development.

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Reforms to the Planning System

Our beloved Government is thinking of changing the Planning System. By and large property developers love the proposals, and groups like the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the National Trust are against them. That tells me a lot.

The National Trust have an online petition and plenty of background information, posters etc. so pop over and have a look.

For decades England's planning system has protected much loved places from harmful development – and steered development to the places where it's needed. If you care about preserving the places important to you, make your voice heard before October 12th.

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