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Hospital Fête

Good news - the QVMH Fête is going ahead as planned, despite CCC/Serco trying to rush them hundreds of pounds of charitable donations to advertise themselves with a banner across the High Street. (Apparently Serco are a bit red-faced about this over-enthusaistic charging. Good.)

Anyway, here's a copy of their poster. Just click it to enlarge it. Better still, print a copy and pop in it your window.


The Friends' Fête and the Council's greed

Oh look, here's another good thing that Our Council seems to be hell-bent on stamping out. Like the recent bus rally (but much more worthy) it doesn't take many brain cells to figure out that the hospital fête is a good thing that deserves encouragement and support, not fleecing. CCC are happy to fritter £17,000 of our money on new ceremonial robes for the Lord Mayor (which will benefit how many people, and how?) but insist on chiselling £400 from the Friends of QVMH (which benefits how many people, and how?).

Street advert grounded by red tape

How much does it cost to put up a banner? Council bean-counters wanted £400 from hospital fundraisers to erect one over the High Street advertising their annual summer fete next Saturday. Organisers were stunned to be told of the cost - up from £200 last year and £120 the year before - and decided to scrap the aerial advertising and use the money to help patients instead. But Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital League of Friends spokeswoman Sandy Winkworth said it was a bitter blow to the hard-working team of volunteers.

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