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How to build a windfarm

Here's an excellent little piece from the BBC, explaining how windfarms happen - it's not nearly as easy as you might think. It's worth zooming in on The Workers in the first picture, just to get a clear idea of just how BIG these turbines are... Click here to see more.


Windfarm extension: Vattenfall says...

Kentish Flats Extension

Vattenfall has started a discussion and consultation with the local community, local authorities and statutory consultees regarding the extension of Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm. It would like to extend the 30-turbine scheme by between 10 and 17 turbines

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Windfarm extension: your opinion

The Vattenfall roadshow came to town, well the King's Hall, to tell all-comers about the proposed extra turbines at the Kentish Flats windfarm, 5 miles off the Herne Bay coast.

They lease the seabed from the Crown Estate, and their lease is measured in megawatts (MW) of electricity output. The proposed extension permits 51MW of production. If they install turbines that are the same size as the current ones, they will need 17 new turbines. Their planning application would allow then to install bigger turbines, but there would have to be fewer of them, to stay within the 51MW limit.

The Vattenfall guy I spoke to said that Vattenfall were just keeping their options open as to what kind/size of turbine to install when they start construction - in 2014, according to the plan. I assume their eventual decision will be guided by profit.

See, print or download a copy of the Public Opinion Survey here. Or fill it in online at Vattenfall's website here.


Windfarm extension consultation

Vattenfall is in the process of putting together an application to add up to 17 wind turbines to the existing 30 turbines at the five-year old Kentish Flats wind farm.  It’s really important that the community and all those with an interest in our proposal to extend Kentish Flats get involved and tell us what they think.

From 31 January until 4 March 2011 Vattenfall is conducting a community consultation regarding the proposed extension which is located off the coast near Herne Bay and Whitstable.

There will be two public consultation events in February in Herne Bay and Whitstable and we encourage as many people as possible to come along:

Wednesday 23 February 2pm – 8pm, Kings Hall, Beacon Hill, Herne Bay
Thursday 24 February 2pm – 8pm, Whitstable Castle, Tower Hill, Whitstable


Windfarm extension is planned

HB Times 21st Oct 2010


Windfarm extension

HB Gazette 14th Oct 2010


Stuck in the mud


More turbines

The Crown Estate gives the go-ahead for Kentish Flats and Thanet Offshore windfarms to expand by 50%

The agency that controls the UK sea bed, the Crown Estate, today announced that it has agreed to extend the first and second wave of offshore wind farms to provide more than 2GW of additional capacity, enough to power 1.4 million extra homes. The organisation said it has authorised the extension of five existing offshore wind farms that combined could provide an additional 1.7GW of capacity, and had also approved the expansion of two other planned projects in order to provide an extra 340MW of capacity.

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London Array connects to Thanet

The world’s largest wind farm, to be built off the coast of Thanet, will bring hundreds of new jobs to the Isle of Thanet. The team behind the London Array project has chosen Ramsgate port as the location for their new 1,800sq m operations and maintenance headquarters. The move to the two-storey centre means employment for 20 office staff and 70 technicians. If approved, the building will also be used as warehouse space for storing parts for the 275 wind turbines.

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Where the Wind Farms are

It's easy to get mixed up between wind farms, what with them springing up like huge marine mushrooms around the coast of Kent. So here's a map. The Kentish Flats wind farm is an array of 30 turbines arranged in a 5x6 diamond, about 5 miles north of Herne Bay. The London Array, about 30 miles north-east of Herne Bay and occasionally visible, is under construction - 50 turbines up and running when I last looked. This will be the world's largest wind farm when completed, unless someone beats to them to the finishing line presumably. The Thanet Offshore Windfarm off Broadstairs is apparently nearing completion.

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