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Blacksole Bridge solution?

Here's a thought: our beloved Council might be able to pluck victory from the jaws of self-inflicted defeat by the careful use of some of its special powers. Not super-hero special powers, you understand, but good old-fashioned statutory powers.

Applying some judicious pressure to our friends at Kitewood (masters of Altira) might just encourage them to get cracking on their promised bridgework. It could be argued that it would be perfectly reasonable of CCC to set about resolving this knotty problem by slapping a compulsory purchase order on a strip of land running from the end of Mickleburgh Hill through to the roundabout in the middle of Altira Tumbleweed Park.

click it to big itThis 200 yard new road (and bridge) would provide a clear run through for traffic to and from the Thanet Way, and provide the option of making the existing Blacksole Bridge and the curve of Margate Road pedestrian only (or pedestrian and bicycles). Smooth-flowing traffic, and safe passage for people - what's not to like?

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