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Supermarkets everywhere

You know how it is - there you are waiting for a supermarket, and then a whole load of them come along at once... Developer Terrace Hill want to slap a large Sainsbury's on the Altira Tumbleweed Park at the edge of town. They're also proposing a load of business space, which is a bit surprising given that Altira is dedicated to providing business space, but that's their call.

This proposal has already caused a spat and some name-calling amongst the HB Town Partners - there are concerns over the implications for the Central Area Development (a.k.a. William Street Car Park Clone Town). And more recently, another development proposal has popped up - redeveloping the HB Golf Club course - which also features a supermarket.

Is there a collective noun for supermarkets? Whatever it is, we might end up with one.

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Is a superstore super news?

A huge Sainbury's and petrol station on the edge of Herne Bay - this would be on the ill-fated and currently languishing Altira site.

There's no indication in the press reports as to where exactly, but I assume it would be east of the existing developments at Altira, between the A299 Thanet Way and the railway line.

Big news for a small town, and not all of it good news.

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Public meeting: Kitewood development at Hillborough

A public meeting next week will discuss plans to redevelop land between Hillborough and the Altira Business Park. Residents and stakeholders living around the site, which has been earmarked for more than 1,300 homes, are being urged to attend to have their say and learn more about the proposals.

Reculver and Beltinge Community Hall, Reculver Road, hosts the meeting from 7pm next Wednesday, the first of its kind since the scheme was first confirmed in August.

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Kitewood Hillborough Extension

Property developer Kitewood has unveiled plans to develop a new primary school, shopping centre and up to 1,375 homes on the outskirts of Herne Bay, on land between Hillborough and the Altira Business Park in Broomfield. This idea first surfaced in July 2010, when everyone was up in arms about the increasing risk of death on Blacksole Bridge. Click here to read up on the back-story, and find out who the bad guys are.

The plans for the proposed development will go on show during a public exhibition at Reculver Primary School

  • between 12 noon and 8pm on Wednesday, August 31, and
  • between 10am and 4pm on Saturday, September 3.

Kitewood have also set up a website to keep people updated on the plans, and say they intend to compile reports on the feedback and use them if proposals need re-shaping. Visit:

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The 190 acre, £240m scheme is planned in three phases.

Phase 1

  • Would use the land which lies to south of the railway line and north of the Thanet Way, all of which is controlled by Kitewood.  The land adjoins Altira Business Park at Bogshole Lane, and is crossed by the un-made Maystreet Road which goes over the railway line at Maystreet Bridge.

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Blacksole Bridge solution?

Here's a thought: our beloved Council might be able to pluck victory from the jaws of self-inflicted defeat by the careful use of some of its special powers. Not super-hero special powers, you understand, but good old-fashioned statutory powers.

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Crucial bridge must be built soon for safety's sake

How dare Kitewood try to hold the city council to ransom. As MP Roger Gale said, they have already had £1.3 million knocked off the asking price for the land at Margate Road, they agreed a bridge would be built, whoever agreed to the condition that this wouldn't be built until 17,000m2 is occupied should be ashamed of themselves.

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No build. Pre-billed.

Heart-warming, really. Our Councillors are falling over themselves to give this developer money and great deals. Latest wheeze: use the "people's project" label to coax a better price from Network Rail, so that Kitewood can build the Blacksole crossing for less. We still don't have the bridge we've paid for. The councillor thinks that if we re-invent this shambles as a "people's project", Network Rail will offer a discount. And that we would be able to pass that discount on to Kitewood without Network Rail noticing or minding. So that Kitewood could build the bridge for less than they've been paid. And keep the change?

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Sounds like a star, works like a black hole.

One point three million pounds... vanished.

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Empty promises: just rinse and recycle

Kitewood, the creators of Altira Tumbleweed Park, want to recycle their unused "Blacksole Bridge commitment" as a lever for winning another planning consent, thus reducing their average costs to half-an-imaginary-bridge per consent. The photo accompanying the Gazette article shows the outline of the area covered by the planning consent Kitewood want. It's huge.

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Blacksole Bridge is a daily risk

Call for footbridge at crossing

A busy road bridge has been described as a "death trap" by a Beltinge walking group. Blacksole Bridge, which links Altira Business Park and Beltinge, has no footpath, but is the only pedestrian access across the railway line.

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