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Is a superstore super news?

A huge Sainbury's and petrol station on the edge of Herne Bay - this would be on the ill-fated and currently languishing Altira site.

There's no indication in the press reports as to where exactly, but I assume it would be east of the existing developments at Altira, between the A299 Thanet Way and the railway line.

Big news for a small town, and not all of it good news.

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Tesco target Herne Bay

Herne Bay may become infested with Britain's greediest retail parasite.

Tesco has shocked Bay traders by announcing plans for a third store in the town. The supermarket giant wants to open a Tesco Express in Sea Street, despite still facing furious opposition over its plans to convert a pub in Herne.

It already runs a store in Canterbury Road and there is a large Tesco Extra a few miles away, near Whitstable. The new shop would be located opposite the Ford showroom, and local independent traders are unhappy at the prospect.

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"Free" parking for Herne Bay

A free parking scheme could be launched in Herne Bay to compete with out-of-town shopping centres like Westwood Cross. Town boss Chris West wants businesses to refund parking tickets to people who spend £10 or more in their shops.

He hopes to convince at least 20 traders to sign up to the proposal, which he says could be introduced by the spring.

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The Upper Red Lion at Herne, Tesco, and Peter Vickery-Jones

What do the locals make of the tale of an old village pub, a greedy supermarket and a local Councillor? Disgusting, stupid, ignorant... and they're not talking about the pub or the supermarket.

Here's how the tale has been unfolding over the last couple of weeks in the HB Gazette. The pub closed in March 2011, and is up for sale at £¼m. Tesco will take it off Punch Tavern's hands if they can get planning permission, although both sides are being tight-lipped about the deal. Ignoring the concerns of local businesses, Cllr Vickery-Jones wades in, spouting daftness.

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Host of opportunities to put town on the map

A town on the up – that was the message from town manager Chris West for councillors. Mr West said Herne Bay was enjoying notable retail successes, including the opening of independent shop Berries Cake-Away and the arrival of clothing chain Peacocks.

At a meeting of the town's area member panel last week he also reported that the Bay had one of Kent's lowest numbers of empty shops at 5.4 per cent. This is in stark contrast to Margate with 37 per cent. Peter Lee, councillor for West Bay, spoke about the recent departure of Currys from the town centre.

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Pier fund-raising

HB Times 28th Oct 2010


Positive feedback over development

HB Gazette 7th Oct 2010


Historic Inn reopening

The Ship lnn is afloat again. After months of being boarded up, she’s ready to take on passengers. The man behind the transformation is 48-year-old businessman Tony Farrow, who has sunk thousands into the venture. He said: “I’d rather not think about the cost. It’s an awful lot. But Herne Bay needs a venue like this.” Read More

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Iceland comes to Herne Bay!

Mums may go to Iceland, but the frozen food giant is coming to Herne Bay. A new store is taking over the old Woolworths site in Mortimer Street and could open by the end of March after the popular supermarket chain snapped up the building last week. It was one of 51 empty Woolworths stores added to Iceland's catalogue of more than 700 nationwide. The move has ended speculation bubbling around the town since the site was boarded-up at the end of last month.

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