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Red Lion villagers declare war on Tesco

Campaigners have fired the opening shots in their fight to keep Tesco from taking over a former village pub. Protestors have set up Facebook pages and a website,, after almost 1,000 people packed a public meeting to discuss the controversial plans for the empty Upper Red Lion pub in Herne.

Villagers braved rain and freezing winds and kept coming even after the community centre filled, forcing the meeting to move to St Martin's church. The panel of parish, city and county councillors found themselves facing a row of packed pews.

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Massive anti-Tesco protest rally at Herne

Villagers turn out in force to fight Tesco

Tesco was set to hold talks with councillors today (12th Jan) after 500 people piled into a village church to oppose a new store in Herne. There were incredible scenes as hundreds turned out to vent their anger at the supermarket giant’s plans to move into the Upper Red Lion pub. The public meeting attracted so many people it had to be moved at the last minute from the village hall to St Martin’s Church. Defiant parish council chairman Tony Day, who will meet with Tesco today, said:

“There will be no negotiation. It will be Tesco out of Herne and nothing but.”

If you would like to join the campaign send your contact details to

Visit the campaign website:

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Sir Roger Gale

Many years ago, I knew a Conservative MP who was knighted one New Year. He was rather glum about it, believing (correctly, as it turned out) that this was his Party's way of saying Thank you... and goodbye. It was not a signal that his effort had been recognised and rewarded, and that greater efforts were hoped for. No, it was the golden watch.

The article below (which reads rather like an obituary) notes that the then Mr Gale was disappointed not to have been elected as deputy speaker. From what I hear, "disappointment" is an understatement.

As well as having his eye on the woolsack, the then Mr Gale was also quietly hopeful of a seat in the Lords. Alas, it was not to be. Nonetheless his wife is now Lady Suzy, which will thrill her.

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Herne Bay's political future

The boundaries of the electoral wards are being redrawn, in the hope of making the constituencies more uniform in size. As a by-product of the exercise, we'll end up with slightly fewer MPs. Our beloved Roger Gale will find that his consituency has been cut in two: here's what they have in mind for Herne Bay end:

 and here's what will happen at the Margate end:

Curiously, Canterbury will include Faversham:

Here's what the Boundary Commission for England have to say for themselves:

The 2013 Review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries will introduce substantial changes. It will reduce the number of constituencies in England from 533 to 502 and make sure that each constituency has a similar number of registered electors.

Why do we want your views?

The final shape of the new constituency boundaries will be informed by consultation. We encourage you to comment, whether in support of or objection to our initial proposals – we will consider all representations fairly and may revise the constituency boundaries as a result.

How can I get involved?

You can have your say in one of two ways: in writing (either by using the online form, by emailing us at or by writing to the Boundary Commission for England); or by attending a public hearing in your region.

All representations will be published on this website in spring 2012 for further comment. Any revisions will be published in autumn 2012 and may be subject to a further consultation before we make our final recommendations by 1 October 2013. You can find more details about the conduct of the 2013 Review by reading A guide to the 2013 Review.


Review launched into HS1 impact on regular rail services

Canterbury City Council is conducting a review into the impact of fast rail services on Kent’s network after research revealed journeys on regular trains are now slower. Rail campaigners have accused operator Southeastern of slowing down mainline services by adding additional stops in a bid to make High Speed 1 more appealing.

It followed a report by Canterbury City Council which revealed the total journey time on regular services on the north Kent line was up to 20 minutes slower since the introduction of HS1. This has prompted a critical review by the authority, which is expected to be completed in two months. Southeastern denied the accusations of slowing down trains stating that timetables were based on service specifications set by Government, outlining how many services there should be from a particular station.

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Tasteless, tawdry, and slightly fun

A tacky, lowest-common-denominator website has appeared called SexyMP which draws on the wisdom of crowds to rank the stars of the Mother of Parliaments by how many people would like to have sex with them.

Normally, I wouldn't lower the tone of this blog with such drivel, but it has been drawn to my attention that our own night flight turncoat Roger Gale isn't faring too well. Currently (31st May) he's 468th out of 648, two places behind IRA scumbag Martin McGuinness, and trailing the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, John Redwood, Dennis Skinner and Julian Brazier.


What happened to my package?

Residents vent frustration with Royal Mail

HB Times 28th Oct 2010


Victims of floods in £1 million claim bid

Health campaigner is elected as leader of action group

A flood action group has been formed to hit Southern Water bosses "where it hurts". Furious residents packed into the basement bar of the Bun Penny pub on Thursday to discuss seeking compensation from the water giant following floods in August. They say their total claim could top £1 million.

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Flood: Southern Water to blame

HB Gazette 16th September 2010


Flood: the MP and the Engineer

HB Gazette 16th September 2010