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100 march against post closures

More than 100 campaigners took to the streets in protest at plans to close Royal Mail sorting offices in Herne Bay and Whitstable. They marched through Herne Bay on Saturday and along the seafront, led by Bay sound engineer David Shepherd, 39, with a loud hailer.

Joining him was Whitstable campaigner and postman Chris Stone. Royal Mail Wants to close depots in Eddington Lane, Herne Bay, and Cromwell Road, Whitstable, as part of a huge shake-up within the next two years. Operations would be concentrated at the Canterbury depot in Military Road. The march was featured by both BBC and ITV.

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Tasteless, tawdry, and slightly fun

A tacky, lowest-common-denominator website has appeared called SexyMP which draws on the wisdom of crowds to rank the stars of the Mother of Parliaments by how many people would like to have sex with them.

Normally, I wouldn't lower the tone of this blog with such drivel, but it has been drawn to my attention that our own night flight turncoat Roger Gale isn't faring too well. Currently (31st May) he's 468th out of 648, two places behind IRA scumbag Martin McGuinness, and trailing the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, John Redwood, Dennis Skinner and Julian Brazier.