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Cycling on the Promenade

Hmmm... notifying and consulting the public - this means you, dear reader - is a "final technicality". And the notice is gibberish.

Cyclists could soon be legally allowed to ride along the promenade between Herne Bay and Swalecliffe. Although many already do, it is technically forbidden by bylaws – but council officials are planning to scrap these to create a new cycle trail. The route of the Oyster Bay Trail has already been approved by the council's ruling committee. It will run along the prom between Hampton and Swalecliffe. Cyclists will have to use Central Parade to avoid the busiest areas by the pier and the bandstand – where the byelaw banning bikes will remain in force.

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Council spokesman Rob Davies said:

"All the promenade bylaws prohibit cycling, but the council prefers to educate rather than enforce and tries to encourage people to be courteous and considerate. Nevertheless, if the circumstances required it, the bylaw is there if we need to take a stronger approach. The executive decided to take a balanced view. The route does not go along the busy section of promenade around the pier and bandstand, and here the bylaw will remain in place on the promenade. Outside this area, it is acceptable to allow cycling on the promenade, so the council is now going through the process of changing the bylaw to allow cycling. This is effectively a final technicality, and a period of public notification is underway."

The route will be finished in two phases – from Reculver to Swalecliffe and then from Swalecliffe to Whitstable. A direct cycle route linking Herne Bay High School, the railway station and the memorial park is also planned. The new byelaw would have to be approved by the Secretary of State.

Comments should be sent to Mark Coram, Communities and Local Government Byelaws Section , 3/J5 Eland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DU or email before April 1 2010. 5th Mar 2010

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