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Westgate fudge

We're about half way through the "consultation" about the Westgate Towers traffic experiment.

You may remember that thousands of people signed a petition begging for the chaos to stop. Our beloved Council immediately ignored the clamouring voices and launched a "consultation" to, er, find out what people think of the scheme.

Pop over to the Council website where you can fill in an online questionnaire. If you don't tell them what you think, they'll never know...


Westgate Jam Fudged

Views on Canterbury's controversial Westgate traffic trial ditched

Thousands of signatures and hundreds of letters about a controversial traffic trial are being swept under the carpet by council bosses. The official public consultation into the scheme to ban traffic from the Westgate Towers in Canterbury started on Friday and all previous comments will not count.

It means the 4,000 people who signed a petition calling for the scheme to be scrapped, and the hundreds who wrote both in favour and against the trial, will have to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – again.

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Two-thirds Canterbury City

Grab a handful of your favourite blood pressure medicine and have a good hard stare at this. Times are hard and getting harder, attractions are closed and closing. In Canterbury, however, there's over £1 million ear-marked for Westgate Gardens...

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