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Windfarm info

Trips to the wind farm are available with Bayblast. For more information: Tel: 01227 373372 or visit

The Kentish Flats wind farm, off of Herne Bay is a key element of the British Government's commitment to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide seeking to reverse the trends of climate change. The wind farm is arranged in a regular grid of five east-west rows each of six turbines, sited in an area of 10 km2. The spacing between each turbine and rows of turbines is be 700 metres. The nearest of them is about 8km (5 miles) offshore.

The wind farm comprises 30 efficient wind turbines capable of producing up to 3 MW of electricity each, so that the total output of the wind farm could be up to 90 MW. The offshore wind farm has set a dual record: the 30 turbine project was the largest wind turbine so far installed in the UK, and the farm was the largest wind farm in the UK, at 90 MW rated capacity, at the erection time.

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