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You say (27)

#Manston #nightflights

Dear Sir/ Madam

My husband and I are against any night flying at Manston Airport.

We have already been warned of some night flights during the summer Olympics, to allow V.I.P.s. to come and go at their convenience.

During a normal summer, when sitting quietly in our garden, we have to endure  endless circuits by empty planes to earn the airport some revenue. This is bad enough.

If the council permits night flying, they will have betrayed the people of Ramsgate and this will be remembered by us in any forthcoming elections.

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Dear Thanet District Council.

My Family and I are strongly against the night flights at Kent International Airport (Manston).

We live on the direct flight path on the Nethercourt estate and we put up with the planes flying over in the day, but we would not stand for the planes flying over our home at night, my wife cannot even be in the garden when a plane goes over our house due to the noise.

Our sleep would be disrupted and as an active couple we have responsibility's each day which may be compromised due to lack of sleep. This is not acceptable and we would hold the persons accountable whose decision it was that allowed the night flights to happen.

We witness a maximum of four flights a day from Kent International Airport (Manston), and some days only 1 plane uses the airport, we cannot understand why you would need the night time to allow to land when there is so much available time in the day.

We will continue to oppose the night flights no matter what.

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To Thanet District Council

I am against the extension of night flights.

I find the arguments for the need for night flying and the economic benefits unconvincing. Moreover I am persuaded that the economic damage to the visitor industry especially in Ramsgate will far exceed the benefits of any potential increase in employment opportunities. I believe employment opportunities have been hugely exaggerated by Infratil.

Many of the properties underlying the flight path in Ramsgate are Victorian or even earlier and are poorly sound-insulated. The impact of even one Jumbo at night will be severe especially for people with sleep problems. Residents have purchased houses in the knowledge that they are protected from night flights. The courts may well find that Infratil and/or TDC will be responsible at great cost for improving glazing and other sound insulation at great cost if night flights go ahead.

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I am right under the flight path and the cargo planes which fly over during the day are noisy enough let along having these fly over at night. Therefore I am against night flights at Manston.

All you MP’s and Councillors out there have a responsibility and a duty to the people which you serve to stop night flights from happening.

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