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Blood from a stone

My favourite "whinger" sheds some light on how she earned the title from a local councillor. It seems to me that her question is pretty straightforward and reasonable, and I'm disappointed (but not that surprised) that Kim's run into the all too familiar wall of silence.

No pier answer

I am disappointed the Pier Trust has become embroiled in my communications with the city council about plans to rebuild the pier (Storm brewing for pier trust). I feel the matter has flared out of proportion and would like to put events into perspective. The pier has long been used as a vote-catcher at election times by various political parties. I think it is perfectly reasonable for me to ask the owners - Canterbury City Council - what efforts they have made to rebuild it following the Herne Bay Pier Report of 2004.

It was commissioned by the city and county councils and a tourism body. I have asked all three parties the same question: "What action was taken following the report to progress the rebuild of the pier?" I want to know how the city council feels justified in simply stating there are no funds. I have also contacted the city council and Herne Bay MP Roger Gale. I have received various evasive responses but not one factual answer.

As an individual I believe I am entitled to contact my council(s) on issues that matter to me, equally with elected councillors and my MP.

I am a life member of the Pier Trust, give my total support to the cause and hold Trust members in the highest of esteem. They have a thankless task ahead and work tirelessly. Two new members joined at the annual meeting. I believe there are exciting times ahead.

Kim Hennelly

HB Times letters 20th May 2010

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