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Historic Westgate Towers Museum to reopen

Amazing views of the city from the top of Canterbury’s historic Westgate Towers Museum will once again be on offer when it reopens to the public for the summer on Friday 4 May. The city council has been very keen to reopen the attraction to continue the work of local businessman and entrepreneur Charles Lambie following his death in January. Discussions have taken place with the executors of his estate to allow it to happen.

The museum will be open every day between 10am and 5pm until September. Entry prices will be in line with those at the council’s other museums in the city, with children and Residents Card holders going free. Any existing tickets with a six month expiry bought under Mr Lambie’s guardianship will be honoured.

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Already looking forward to next year's awards

HB Gazette 23rd Jun 2011


Reculver's past at the Museum

HB Gazette 23rd Sep 2010


Wall of silence

The council taxpayers of Herne Bay have just received a reassuring message from the city council. Apparently the town’s museum is not being closed after all - it just will not be open to members of the public! Talk about semantic gibberish!

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Gale's attitude problem

Saturday: a beautiful frosty, sunny winter's morning in Herne Bay, and time to meet our MP. My fine & beloved woman and I strode up to the dodgy automatic doors of the Herne Bay Council offices and pried our way in.

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Here's another kick in the teeth for local democracy: local Councillors who can't be bothered to reply to an email from one of their constituents about a constituency matter.

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