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2011 Election Results

Previously: Roger Matthews (LibDem), Margaret Flaherty (LibDem).

Previously: the same three.

Previously: Ron Flaherty (LibDem), Robert Bright (LibDem), Ken Hando (LibDem).

Previously: Gabrielle Davis (Con), Gillian Reuby (Con), Ann Taylor (Con).

Previously: Peter Lee (Con), Vince McMahan (Con).
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Runners and riders

Here are the candidates for Herne Bay for the local elections.


Walk the walk

In about 6 months' time, there will be a flurry of democracy as we all choose our councillors. We might choose the old councillors; we might choose new councillors; we might choose you! Next week, CCC will be explaining how to be a councillor. I'm intrigued.

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General Election results

Here's how you voted. See how it compares with my forecast...

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Post-election: stress, disorder

In contrast to the hard mathematical precision of my recent results analysis, today I go out on a limb for a national prediction. The LibDems will collect more votes and more seats than ever, but not as many seats as the number of votes would imply (as usual). What will thrill them to bits, however, will be the wildly disproportionate influence that they will wield as the maker/breaker of kings and coalitions. 

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Daft General Election Forecast!

Behold my far-fetched but statistically sound election result forecast. You will by now have heard and seen any number of polls and analyses, confidently "predicting" Thursday's outcome. I expect you are all worldly-wise enough to realise they are a load of tosh. Weary call centre slaves heckle the unsuspecting few by phone, and smug pundits recklessly extrapolate the results to several decimal places of precision. Knowing that you will be unsatisfied with such piffle, I have assembled the most reliable prediction yet - read it if you dare...

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General Election Results

See the results going back to 1983...


Conservative Roger Gale 21,699 49.6 -0.7

Labour Iris Johnston 14,065 32.2 -2.2

Liberal Democrat Mark Barnard 6,279 14.4 +3.4

UKIP Timothy Stocks 1,689 3.9 +1.6
Majority 7,634 17.5
Turnout 43,732 60.1 1.1

Conservative hold Swing +0.8


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